Inspire with communication skills that lead and influence

The truth about great leadership

It’s not a position, and it’s definitely not a title

I truly believe in that making a meaningful contribution is essential to the making of a true leader.

It’s a belief that stems from years of travelling the globe and working with organisational leaders at all levels. Those that delivered real change – change that is integrated into the culture of an organisation and which became a pivotal turning point for their teams and their businesses – were collaborators. They didn’t talk as much as they listened. Critically, they inspired outside of the boardroom in a truly benevolent manner.

This is my leadership style. It’s also the leadership style I inspire in my clients.

Because truly – nobody is more important than you. But you are no more important than anyone else.


Boards and volunteer work 

My mum says I was born to lead. From the age of eight I was busy writing and producing my own weekly newspaper, joining the school debating team, and always finding new projects to inspire the change I wanted to be in the world.

And it hasn’t changed. (Although I’ve replaced debating with podcasting and newspapers with books.)

While I mentor in public speaking, public relations, media interviews, and everyday communications, I’m also about the long game – seeing how I can use these skills to add value to organisations that I believe in. I’m currently an active Board member for Women for Election Australia. I also sat on the board of the Central Coast Sports College as a non executive director from Feb 2018 - June 2019.

Why Women for Election Australia?

I believe in fostering leadership. Women for Election Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that’s issue-neutral while supporting women to develop skills to influence the way politics is done in Australia.

Both men and women should be driving us forward. With a vision to ensure gender balance, we’re committed to supporting women in obtaining the very best training and support to make a difference. 

From encouraging political participation and helping women enter the political arena through to equipping them with the tools and techniques to be the best candidate they can be, the organisation is building the leaders of today and tomorrow. I’m all for it.


What Women for Election Australia says about me

"Amber joined the WFEA board at a critical time in our evolution. She inspired the Board with her energy, her generosity and her professionalism. Her achievement in strategising and delivering our communications plan was pivotal not only to the success our first Masterclass in August 2017, but Amber also clearly articulated the role of WFEA. She is a delight to work with and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants a Board member full of ideas and ready to lead a team to collaborative success."

- Jennifer Morris, Chair and Founder, Women for Election Australia (WFEA)