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September 28th 2021
110: The Politics of Taking Risks - Daisy Turnbull
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Daisy Turnbull is the Director of Wellbeing at an independent girls' school in Sydney (in fact my own alma mater), where she has also been a teacher for eight years. She has taught across school systems including some time at a behavioral school, working with students from diverse backgrounds. Before going into teaching Daisy worked in interactive advertising as a producer and in strategy roles tapping into demographic changes and running nationwide qualitative surveys.

She is an accredited Lifeline Crisis Support counselor and regularly volunteers on the crisis support line. She is the mother of two children, holds a Combined Bachelor's degree in Arts/Commerce, a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching, and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies.

Daisy is on the NSW board of the Australian Republican Movement. In January 2021 Daisy's first book '50 Risks to take with your kids' was released, providing a guide on developing independence and resilience in young children.

Hear from Daisy on:

  1. Do you think we are less risk-averse as a society now than say when you grew up or just more aware of the risks around us in 2021? Especially with a pandemic! Explain your views.
  2. As a teacher, what is your biggest challenge when it comes to encouraging sensible risk-taking if that is possible?
  3. Why is taking risks so important to young people? Is there a cost to not do this? E.g. less resilience later.
  4. Risky actions and rash thinking and teenagers seem to be Sympatico - the adolescent brain is evolving but has not fully developed into that adult brain and I have heard boys in their 20s are still not always 100% there yet. Do we need to rethink our expectations of teens and younger people and allow them risks but with consequences if they fail or do something foolish?
  5. Take away: What is your final thought or message for us on The Politics of Taking Risks?

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