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April 26th 2022
132: The Politics of Ecommerce - Priya Radia
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Online sales rule the world. An April 2021 Adobe study showed that global e-commerce sales were hitting $4.2 trillion that year, with U.S. consumers accounting for close to one-quarter of that spending. Australia has a similar story. The pandemic forced many consumers to rely on e-commerce to get the basics as well as the more one-off items to survive lockdowns, work, home school, set up home gyms, and eat and drink.


Surveys of consumers in the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States showed online shopping is becoming the preferred method of grocery shopping for a growing number of consumers. Over half of the consumers in all three countries said they believe they are saving money by shopping for groceries online.


My guest today Priya Radia is a former lawyer turned serial entrepreneur. She's the co-founder of four online businesses including two E-commerce brands, and the creator of the Nine to Free Society - a community for E-commerce entrepreneurs to grow and scale their brands. 


Believing in a better way to live, Priya left her career behind to build businesses that could create financial freedom, support her lifestyle and give her time with her family. She's deeply passionate about helping others do the same and contributing to a new narrative around what it means to work. 


Priya shares in this show what she makes of these areas:

  1. A collaborative research project completed by Forbes, Huffington Post, and Marketing Signals, found 90% of all eCommerce (so online only) businesses fail within the first 120 days of launch. What excites you so much about eCommerce as a business model?
  2. Why did she start her first online business, and some of the mistakes you made that many others may relate to, especially if they have little time or money to invest yet in fancy ideas like an influencer campaign to boost sales?
  3. How did you make the most of the early growth success of 18 x sales revenue in the first six months?
  4. What are some of the ways an online product business can become successful and allow a business owner to have more "freedom" away from the tools? E.g., SEO campaigns?
  5. Take away: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Ecommerce?



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