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Hosted by Amber Daines, The Politics of Everything launched in May 2017 as a weekly podcast series asking newsworthy experts and leaders the tricky questions about the politics of everything that matters to mankind in the 21st century. 

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August 8th 2017
14: The Politics of Rentvesting - Peter Mastroianni
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For Episode #14 we have Peter Mastroianni discussing The Politics of Rentvesting - which is a modern term where you are renting a place in an area you want to live and investing where you can afford. In Australia, where capital cities medium house prices have continued to rise up to 20 percent a year, it is an effective way the increasingly prohibitive real estate market.

However, what are the pitfalls and pluses in a nation obsessed by home ownership? Peter has a business called Rentvesting, which has its features a podcast and webinars. He unpacks how to own property in a less traditional way.

In this podcast, Peter will give us insights into:

  1. Why the great Australian dream of owning a house outright, with no mortgage, in our adult lifetime is not the only way to get ahead?
  2. How rent-vesting works to get you a wealth-creating property portfolio sooner.
  3. The ways he works with clients of all stages of life, to achieve a property strategy that works for them.
  4. Hot tips: His best advice for listeners who are wanting to get into The Politics of Rent-vesting.

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