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July 12th 2022
143: The Politics Of Global Business - Cynthia Dearin
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If nothing else, the past few years of a pandemic, has proven that many businesses rely on the global landscape - shutting borders during the Covid19 pandemic meant that many suffered from a lack of qualified staff, from missed trade opportunities, from not travelling to events, and from being unable to make quality connections beyond the realms of their laptop. While many organisations have perhaps shifted their focus domestically perhaps derived from necessity, there is no doubt that many still want to operate on a global scale.

My guest today, Cynthia Dearin is the Founder of Dearin & Associates, and she has launched a new book Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global international. The book provides a step-by-step, accessible guide for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to amplify their impact on the international stage. Drawing upon decades of experience in international business, including extensive stints working abroad in global roles, Dearing brings a unique perspective on international expansion and guides readers on how to execute the right strategy to ensure their success.

With 23 years of international experience, Cynthia is on a mission to empower business owners and CEOs to scale internationally and amplify their impact in the world. An Australian-qualified legal practitioner, Cynthia worked in the UK, US, Europe, and Middle East, as an Australian diplomat and as a management consultant. She also spent three years as the CEO of the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Cynthia is proficient in Arabic and French, both of which she uses professionally. Her previous book is Camels, Sheikhs and Billionaires: Your Guide to Business Culture in the Middle East and North Africa.

Hear from Cynthia on:

  1. Can you explain what the biggest barriers are for businesses to get global expansion done right and how that can be remedied?
  2. Not all business is a type suited to global expansion - thinking of your local café that is not a franchise or even my PR business is probably limited in that way. Are there hallmarks of who can scale up globally and who can't?
  3. Cultural divides exist and not all international markets are the same clearly - what is the best way to navigate the cultural challenges and for example, do you need to have a local team to guide you?
  4. How can you go global cost-effectively and remain market price sensitive to your global customers? Any hacks and ideas?





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