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Hosted by Amber Daines, The Politics of Everything launched in May 2017 as a weekly podcast series asking newsworthy experts and leaders the tricky questions about the politics of everything that matters to mankind in the 21st century. 

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September 13th 2022
152: The Politics of Truth - Joe Hart
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Truth matters but in an era of social media curation and leaders who can lie and remain in power, it can sometimes seem like it doesn't.

We all hold conflicting views of self, and multiple perspectives of who we are and how we should act. As leaders, juggling these selves is a constant tightrope walk as we negotiate our personal and professional lives, a balancing act that often leaves us unsatisfied and unable to lead effectively. Something needs to change.

In the new book, my guest today taps into the truth conundrum. Joe Hart has authored True Perspective: Why leading with the truth always wins. As an organisational psychologist, coach, mentor and facilitator, Joe Hart provides an insightful, holistic guide for leaders on how to get your best results as a leader by embracing your truth and mastering self-awareness.

Drawing upon extensive experience working with organisations such as Samsung, Chandler Macleod and Gallup, Joe takes a deep dive into his own life story, showing the value of being vulnerable and applying true perspective to your most tightly held beliefs. 

In 2017, he founded 'True Perspective', a practice specialising in enabling people to improve their performance, reach their full potential and achieve balance. His core mission is to help people create meaningful changes to their lives.

Joe shares with us:

  1. Truth is something applauded when it creates justice or shines a light on news that is deemed in the public interest. However, it can also hurt and alienate others depending on the content of that truth. Why does truth matter and do we need to always tell it?
  2. How do you believe we can better align with your purpose, so you have direction and clarity to do work that matters and be true to ourselves?
  3. What role does having greater self-disclosure have on our sense of self and how does that help us be more honest with the greater world?
  4. Businesses can generate an image that appeals to their customers, then when things go very wrong and they fall short - think of things like major banks collapsing during the GFC or products being recalled because of a health hazard, there's a truth gap. So what advice do you see being overlooked and why?
  5. Take away: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Truth?



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