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October 16th 2018
76: The Politics of Diversity - Cathy Ngo
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Diversity is certainly having its moment in the Australian business landscape.

To discuss The Politics of Diversity I am chatting to Cathy Ngo, a freelance copywriter and the marketing communications manager for DAWN, a professional and social network that aspires to have an inclusive Australia with culturally diverse leadership across the public and private sectors. 

She's worked for some of Australia's largest entities, such as Westpac and Insurance Australia Group in HR, corporate affairs and communication roles. Throughout her career, she's been vocal and active on matters relating to women, work and cultural diversity - and especially on smashing unconscious bias.

Her experience of motherhood has deepened her passion in the area of diversity and inclusion. Motherhood has also made her connect more with her Vietnamese heritage, sense of identity and the corporate ladder realities.

Hear from Cathy on:

  1. How being of Asian descent was for her as a kid in Australia?
  2. Diversity is a business focus now. Plenty of companies big and small recognise the economic and social benefits of a diverse workforce. Why has it taken so long?
  3. Are HR departments bound by these hiring policies when it comes to diversity and why does it matter?
  4. Can seeking true diversity backfire if companies don't fully engage staff and their C-suite on the journey especially if it is not discussed openly?
  5. What is a good example of a diverse workforce creating amazing outcomes? Is there a lesson for us all in this and if so, what?
  6. Last advice: What top three tips you have for listeners on The Politics of Diversity?


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