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The Politics of Everything

Hosted by Amber Daines, The Politics of Everything launched in May 2017 as a weekly podcast series asking newsworthy experts and leaders the tricky questions about the politics of everything that matters to mankind in the 21st century. 

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June 13th 2017
6: The Politics of Business Creativity - Emma Franklin Bell
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Emma Franklin Bell is an author, artist, entrepreneur and fellow podcaster who co-hosts The Ladies Lounge Podcast. Emma spent two decades in the performing arts industry before opening her own dance studios, mentoring studio owners in business strategy and writing a book How to Run a Preschool Dance Studio.


Fast forward to today, Emma is the founder of The Beautiful Business Academy. The BBA has a focus on developing female creative leaders through programs that focus on training women in book writing, course creation and media and performance skills training. Emma is our guest to get real about The Politics of Business Creativity.


In this podcast, Emma will cover off:

  1. Why is creativity so valuable in the path to business glory?
  2. How a performing arts career has helped her overcome setbacks and rapidly achieve new forms of success.
  3. Why everyone needs to simplify, beautify and amplify and how to do this in 90 day blocks.
  4. Hot tips: The best ways to get ahead in The Politics of Business Creativity.


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June 7th 2017
5: The Politics of Demography - Bernard Salt
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Bernard Salt is widely regarded as one of Australia's leading social commentators by business, the media, and the broader community. He heads the Business Demographics and founded KPMG Demographics, which developed into a high-profile specialist advisory business.


Bernard writes two weekly columns for The Australian newspaper.  He is an adjunct professor at Curtin University Business School and he holds a Master of Arts degree from Monash University.


For the past decade, Bernard Salt has earned his stripes as one of the most in-demand speakers across corporate Australia. He is perhaps best known to the wider community for his penchant for tagging new tribes and social behaviors such as the 'Seachange Shift', the 'Man Drought', and the 'Goats Cheese Curtain'.  He was also responsible for popularizing smashed avocados in late 2016.  


Bernard has popularized demographics through his books, columns and media appearances. His body of work is summarized in six popular best-selling books. He was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia in the 2017 Australia Day honours. In this episode, he digs deep into The Politics of Demography.


In this episode, Bernard will answer the following questions:

  1. Why demographics needs a makeover?
  2. How have we become 'two Australia's is one?
  3. Why having mentors is not the best way to get ahead in your career.
  4. Hot tips: What is next for Bernard as he leads the field in The Politics of Demography.


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May 29th 2017
1: The Politics of Flexible Work - Natalie Goldman
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Natalie Goldman talks to us on The Politics of Flexible Work. As CEO of FlexCareers, Natalie walks the walk and today, she will talk the talk too, on a subject that affects every family unit at some stage. Flexcareers was recently named one of Westpac's 200 Businesses of Tomorrow, and has a growing list of big name companies and smaller businesses putting their hat in the ring when it comes to flexible working arrangements.


As a working mother who has for the bulk of her career worked in full-time corporate roles, Natalie Goldman has had ample chance to experience the barriers, challenges and immense opportunities of more flexible work, a subject close to my heart too.


The questions Natalie will cover off include:


  1. What does flexible work really mean for the future of businesses and employees?
  2. Women are a no-brainer for flexible work arrangements but what about our men?
  3. What motivates you to champion this cause?
  4. Hot tips: If you could close off by sharing your manifesto. Let us unpack some of your tried and true advice/steps or practical tips and how-to's for listeners of The Politics of Flexible Work.


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