Podcast Course – Idea To Launch In 4 Weeks

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Idea to Launch in 4 weeks

Fast-track Your Path to Podcasting Success

Get your podcast uploaded and trending with your target audience fast!

Podcast Course Idea To Launch In 4 Weeks

Make your brand known through your podcast. Spread ideas. Create influence.

Maybe you’ve tried to start one in the past, or maybe you already started one, but you want to help grow it even faster, redefine your audience, or become profitable.

Or maybe you’re completely new. You don’t know what microphone to use. You don’t know how to host it. You don’t know how to find the best guests.

Wherever you are in the process, this course will help you.

Amber Daines


I am a former award-winning broadcast and print journalist who has over 25 years of professional experience in creating and directing global communications including PR campaigns, corporate video production, running media training, doing a tonne of public speaking, and podcasting. Planning with my guidance here will save you time and money.

With my own weekly podcast show that I started from scratch in 2017, and now for my dozens of clients, I have created some of the most popular podcasts in a range of categories from finance to fitness, entrepreneurship to mindset. I know what works on air. 

I love sharing our knowledge with folks like you. 

I share everything from my own learned experience, unpacking what works and what doesn’t work, so that you will have a podcast you can be proud of.

So let us dive in.


Podcast Ideas To Launch
In 4 Weeks

Amber Daines Podcast Idea to Launch in 4 weeks

I want you to avoid all the errors I made and get your podcast uploaded and trending with your target audience fast.

This 4-week program will teach you everything you need to know to start, record, edit, publish, grow, and monetize your podcast.

What’s Included In The Course…

I have designed this course to take you through the entire process. Check out the course curriculum.

  • Week 1: Module 1
    • Week 1: Welcome – Here’s what you will learn (and do) to succeed
    • Week 1: Amber Daines, former journalist and podcast host of The Politics of Everything since 2017
    • Week 1: How to best use this course
    • Week 1: Podcast LinkedIn Group
    • Week 1: Masterclass: How to Nail & Scale Your Podcast
    • Week 1: Naming Your Podcast
    • Week 1: Podcaster Checklist in Action
    • Week 1: Bonus: Podcast Planner on a Page
  • Week 1 Module 2
    • Week 1: Getting Started Faster
  • Week 2: Presenting Your Podcast
    • Week 2: Recommended Equipment List
    • Week 2: Scripting Your Show Like A Pro
    • Week 2: Focus on Zencastr for all-in-one podcasting
    • Week 2: The 7 Podcasting Pitfalls to Avoid
  • All About Audio Recording
    • Week 2: DOWNLOAD: Audio Recording Software Guide
    • Week 2: What Is Audio Recording Software?
    • Week 2: What Are the Benefits of Audio Recording Software?
    • Week 2: The Most Important Features to Consider for Audio Recording Software 
    • Week 2: What Are the Different Audio Formats Supported by Audio Recording Software?
    • Week 2: Does Audio Recording Software Affect Sound Quality?
    •   Week 2: Most Popular Recording Software for 2023 
  • Week 3: Editing, Uploading and Launching Your Podcast
    • Week 3: Creating Snazzy Intros & Outros
    • Week 3: How to Add ID3 Tags To Your Podcast Metadata
    • Week 3: How to Outsource Podcast Producer
  • How to Publish Your Podcast
    • Week 3: DOWNLOAD: How to Publish a Podcast
    • Week 3: What Is A Podcast Directory?
    • Week 3: What Do I Need To Submit My Podcast?
    • Week 3: How do I publish my podcast online?
    • Week 3: How Do I Get My Podcast Into Apple Podcasts (Previously iTunes)
    • Week 3: How Do I Get My Podcast Into Spotify
    • Week 3: How To Upload Your Podcast To Any Other Directory
  • Setting Up Your Podcast Website 
    • How to Set Up Your Podcast Website
    • Choose a hosting provider and domain name
    • Install WordPress
    • Choose a WordPress Theme
    •  Install the RIGHT WordPress Plugins
    • Customize Your Podcast website
    • Publish Your First Podcast On Your Site
  • Week 4: Grow and Monetize Your Podcast
    • Week 4: Podcast SEO
    • Week 4: Be Ranked by the Podcasting Greats
  • How to Nail Your Podcast Sponsors
    • How to Nail Podcast Sponsors (not just ads!) 
    • ‍Direct Monetization
    • Sponsorships
    • Types of Podcast Advertisers
    • Sponsorship Pathways
    • Example Pitch Email
  • Bonus Course Wrap
    • Get Your First 1000 Listeners
    • DOWNLOAD:  Cover Art Sample
    • DOWNLOAD: Show Notes Example
    • DOWNLOAD: Guest Preparation Q&A Example
    • DOWNLOAD: Guest Information Pack Sample
    • Congrats! You are done
Podcast Idea to Launch in 4 weeks

Podcast Course – Idea To Launch In 4 Weeks

1 year of access

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Podcast Course – Idea To Launch In 4 Weeks

1 year of access