Corporate media training for CEOs and Executives

Engage and captivate with bulletproof media and communication skills

Whether you’re a new CEO or well-versed in media relations, you know that getting the message right with the media can be incredibly challenging. Getting it wrong is not an option.

Our Corporate Media Training provides CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CFOs and business executives with the tools to communicate effectively and effortlessly with the media.

Whether it’s via TV, radio, print or digital media, you’ll build your brand and engage your target audience while protecting your business reputation. 

With many of our clients transferring these communication skills into the Boardroom, they’re also seeing an increase in stakeholder engagement, shareholder support, and client trust.

Our practical, highly interactive courses will ensure you’re equipped with the best skills and techniques to execute strong interviews, control difficult and hostile questions, and even deliver newsworthy sound bites. You’ll understand exactly how the media works and be able to cope with the demands of different mediums and journalists. 

The benefits of corporate media training

You’ll benefit from:

* Concise content management – saying what needs to be said
* Professional delivery – speaking well and with confidence, and
* Increased control – saying what’s needed and nothing more.

Our corporate media training is specifically designed to help you maximise the media. You’ll develop consistency and control with your message, while also honing your communication skills. Whether you’re presenting in front of the media, or to shareholders or stakeholders, you’ll be clear, credible and confident.

Amber Daines

Custom media coaching tailored to your media success

I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals since 2007, and the majority of these clients are long-term because my coaching is tailored to ensure their ongoing media success. Beyond teaching you how to maximise the media, you can also benefit from custom training including:

* One-on-one communication skills coaching
* Small group communication skills training
* Media Essentials forums (up to 20 people), and
* Refresher media interview sessions ahead of a major PR event or particular interview topic.

Why choose me for your corporate media training?

Bespoke solutions – enjoy ideas and inspiration for your specific business
Qualified journalist – over 20 years’ media experience
Award-winning – a Walkley Award winner
Experienced trainer – skilled and inspiring 
Strategic thinker – who adapts to your industry quickly
Realistic and authentic training – with a practical, structured approach.

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