Crisis media training

Mitigate reputational risk with our crisis media training 

In business, you need to prepare for the unexpected. If working with the media is stressful during positive events, it’s doubly so during a crisis. 

The current media landscape is unrelenting. It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with social media empowering everyone to share their opinions. This means that successfully navigating your way through the first seconds, hours and weeks of an unfolding media crisis is the difference between your company surviving or being engulfed forever.

How you respond to the media in a crisis is critical to your brand reputation. Will your organisation be seen as caring and competent? 

Who would benefit from crisis media training?

Our crisis media training will ensure both public and private organisations are prepared for an unexpected event. I’ll teach you how to retain control, while also demonstrating concern and compassion. 

It’s is an absolute essential for anyone who:

* Is part of a crisis management team
* Manages the communication process for an organisation
* Is likely to be a spokesperson for the business, or
* Needs to understand the pitfalls of the media game.

Everyone – from spokespeople through to frontline staff – will leave equipped with the skills and knowledge to successfully manage the media in response to an unexpected event.

Crisis media training

My crisis media workshops will not only help you manage the here and now, but also ensure you have a crisis management strategy and action plan for the future.

Working through my four-stage approach, you’ll benefit from:

* Identifying the kinds of issues that could affect your business
* Understanding your audience
* Determining who should be your spokespeople and crisis management team
Developing key messages
* Knowing how to maintain control of media interviews, and
* Ensuring your side of the story is heard.

Importantly, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how the media works in a crisis, and the skills to minimise the impact of bad news and protect your reputation.

Amber Daines

Experience crisis management simulation in our workshops

As a business, you’ll learn how to work effectively as a team should crisis strike. 

You’ll benefit from:

* Practical, hands-on issues management and crisis control
* The best possible preparation for an unexpected event, and
* Reputation management, displaying grace and confidence under pressure.

We’ll use role-plays and scenarios that take you through my four-stage approach, which is easy to remember and use in a crisis. You’ll confidently answer without stalling, deliver bad news as well as good, and balance strength with compassion.

Emergency crisis management consulting and coaching

If crisis has hit and you’re unprepared, I can help. 

Contact me on +61 0404 145 939 and I’ll help you:

Strategically develop and fine-tune your media message, and
Establish and implement a strategy for the unfolding hours, days and weeks.

Together, we can develop a crisis plan that successfully helps you deal with media and a public hungry for information.

Why choose me for your media training?

Bespoke solutions – enjoy ideas and inspiration for your specific business
Qualified journalist – over 20 years’ media experience 
Award-winning – a Walkley Award winner
Experienced trainer – skilled and inspiring 
Strategic thinker – who adapts to your industry quickly
Realistic and authentic training – with a practical, structured approach.

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