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Speak with confidence, purpose and power. It’s a game-changer 

Speaking with influence is critical to delivering successful client pitches, board presentations, public speeches or keynote addresses. 

As an executive, senior management professional or thought leader, you’re the voice of the organisation. You’re constantly communicating. Regardless of whether your audience is internal or external, you need to engage and persuade. 

Corporate audiences are sophisticated. So speaking with confidence, purpose and power is a business leadership must. When done properly, it’s a game-changer. 

Let’s change the game in your favour.

Amber Daines

Speaker training – nail your next speech or presentation

Making a poor impression takes seconds, yet repairing it takes months. But after this speaker training, you’ll make the right impression instantly. 

You’ll walk away with the confidence and techniques to be a better communicator who makes a lasting impression.

We’ll work through theory and practical to help you fine-tune what you do best. You’ll learn exactly how to:

* Analyse your audience
* Craft your presentation structure with a one-page planner
* Write a killer speech
* Nail your call to action
* Minimise your reliance on notes and PowerPoint
* Warm up and effectively manage your nerves, and
* Manage tricky audience questions.

Importantly, an individual audit of your presenting style will help you develop and enhance your message. This means that when you do have to make that important presentation, your mind will be on delivering that message – and nothing else.

You’ll walk away a more effective and engaging presenter, expressing your agenda clearly and effectively. It’s an invaluable weapon in the world of business..

Need custom communications training?

I can help. I’ll work with you to understand the gaps and develop communications training customised to your specific business needs. 

Alternatively, you can choose from a number of off-the-shelf internal programs, such as:

* Speaking with influence in the digital age
* Media pitching that works, or 
* Why every leader needs a PR mindset.

For those looking to really invest in their staff, I also run half-day, full-day and two-day Strategic Communications Forums. These specially created forums can be your own mix of:

* Media interview and presentation skills
* Executive communication structures
* Video presentation role plays
* Business networking planning, or
* Any combination that meets your end goals.

Book me for a one-on-one consultation and nail your next public speaking presentation

I call it The Hour of Power. 

Developed for individuals of all levels, from CEOs and executives through to small business owners, I’ll work with you one-on-one to really refine your business communication prowess and pitch your message to the right audience.

Public speaking doesn’t need to be terrifying for you or uncomfortable for your audience. From structuring your speech, using the best language for your audience and acquiring the art of persuasion through to using stories and case studies to highlight key points, I’ll give you the skills you need to develop and deliver your key messages effectively.

This is a popular choice with experienced speakers who have trained with me before. We structure it as a comprehensive refresher, identifying any bad habits and pushing them to the next level so they can really engage and persuade their next audience.

Why choose me for your media training?

Bespoke solutions – enjoy ideas and inspiration for your specific business
Qualified journalist – over 20 years’ media experience 
Award-winning – a Walkley Award winner
Experienced trainer – skilled and inspiring 
Strategic thinker – who adapts to your industry quickly
Realistic and authentic training – with a practical, structured approach.

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