Master the art of media interviews and engage your next audience

Amber Daines is one of Australia’s leading business communications specialists. Find out what she can do for you

Communicate your message consistently and confidently

Do you want to communicate more effectively with your clients, the media or your staff?

With technology, the way we do business is changing. Communication tools are changing. The media is changing.

What doesn’t change is the fact that we need to communicate effectively with anyone that’s important to our business.

For over 20 years I’ve worked with major brands, such as Westfield, Deloitte and ING, as well as Not-for-Profits (including The Australian Fund for Animal Welfare, Carers Australia and the Law and Justice Foundation), and hundreds of small businesses to:

  • build their business case;
  • reach new audiences and;
  • engage their stakeholders through fine-tuning their communication skills and collateral.

Can I do the same for you?


I'm lucky enough to work with some amazing brands, become one of them!

Media exposure presents incredible opportunities. Yet interviews gone wrong present incredible risk

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

In business, your brand is everything. Your brand is based on your reputation. 

In business, reputation matters. It’s the difference between securing that promotion or being overlooked. Between making that sale, nailing that pitch presentation, or losing to your competitor. Between positive and negative media exposure. 

And, ultimately, it’s about client, stakeholder or staff confidence. 

If you want to maximise the impact of your message, not just get it over the line, you need to not only refine but also deliver it effectively. 

I can help.

From media through to keynote speaking and employee engagement, my clients have achieved exceptional results. They’ve managed the media with finesse. They’ve engaged, excited and motivated with powerful public speaking. Vitally, they’ve mitigated reputational risk with effective media crisis management.

Whether you’re a CEO or business leader, and working within a government, public or private organisation, you’re there to lead change. 

Learn how to engage your audience and lead with confidence.