1:1 Online Training Package

Amber Daines

1:1 Online Training Package

A special online package that covers 2 x 1.5 hour private online training sessions with Amber Daines (via Zoom), scheduled at a time that suits you

What’s Included:

* What makes news – identifying story angles and recognising threats and opportunities
* Insight into why journalists do what they do, what they want, and what this means for you
* Creating a “quotable quote”-  what to say and how to say it
* MediaSpeak – language that will get your message across
* Controlling a media interview – techniques that keep you on track
* Techniques for different media – basics for TV, radio and print
* What to ask when a journalist calls
* Interview planning – making sure you have the right messages
* Fail-proof techniques manage difficult media questions
* Best tips to achieve online/remote TV and radio interview success (from your own home office).

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