C-Suite media training for CEOs and Senior Executives

Learn to control the media with grace and mastery

Amber Daines – Australia’s most agile business communications expert

As a CEO or Senior Executive, you need to maximise every media interaction. 

The challenge is, today’s media is so much more than just talking to a journalist. It’s also about digital broadcasts, webinars, Skype meetings, interviews on smartphones and podcasts, as well as TV, radio and print media.

With our fast-paced and interactive course, you’ll learn the techniques that will ensure all your interactions with the modern-day media – good, bad and otherwise, and in a variety of situations – are effective.

You’ll benefit from:

* Increased control during interviews – control the journalist instead of them controlling you
* Decreased misquoting
* TV, radio, and print coverage that’s maximised to your advantage, and
* Being a trusted spokesperson with media value who knows how to master the interview.

The benefits of C-Suite Media Training

Increase your brand and marketability. 
Increase your company or industry profile by being a media spokesperson for your organisation. 

Be the first choice for industry commentary. 
If a journalist needs a comment in a hurry, they’ll turn to someone who can deliver insight and engaging commentary with clarity and confidence.

Develop transferable skills. 
Whether it’s in the boardroom or via employee management, you’ll communicate concisely and clearly

Maximise media interviews with poise and finesse

Using my proven communication models and adult training principles, CEOs and Senior Executives will:

* Learn how the media works and what journalists are looking for.
* Explore the elements of a successful interview.
* Examine the attributes required to be an effective media spokesperson.
* Test each of the techniques using real-life simulations crossing print, radio, TV and digital media.
* Benefit from interview practice.
* Enjoy real-time feedback.

Tailored for leaders who will do interviews with the media on a regular basis, this private course introduces participants to media control skills and builds interview confidence by assessing strengths and areas for improvement through simulated interviews.

Tailored C-Suite Media Training 

Tailored C-Suite Media Training 
Enjoy C-Suite Media Training that’s tailored to the specific needs of your CEO and Executive team. 

* Fast-paced and interactive
* Full or half-day options
* Onsite or offsite
* Simulates the positive and the negative aspects of media relations
* Small groups (1-6 participants)
* Based on adult learning principles.

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