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From media and crisis response training through to public speaking, learn how to communicate with impact

Undeniably, media training works best when it’s tailored to your needs. From one-on-one coaching sessions through to custom developed half-day and full-day workshops, I’ll develop cost-effective and convenient training that suits the needs of your business and your people.

One benefit of working with me is that I’m available to provide support after the workshop is over. If you need guidance on how to approach your next event, media interview or board presentation, I’ll happily advise.

Amber Daines

Media Essentials Training (1-day workshop, up to 20 people) 

Media Essentials Training is an introductory, large group workshop designed to provide a broad overview of Sydney (and Australian) media. You’ll develop an understanding of:

* How to work with the media
* What journalists really need
* The basics of media relations
* What really motivates journalists, and
* How the news process really works. 

Media Essentials is perfect for people dealing with the media at the frontline, or as a first step in spokesperson training.

Maximising the Media Training (1-day workshop, up to 4 people) 

Maximising the Media Training is like media boot camp – an intense workout that gets results fast! It’s designed for people with previous media experience and training, and tailored for spokespeople dealing with the media in a high stakes environment. 

With a maximum of four participants per session, we really drill into further developing your skills and technique. 

A Crisis, the Media and You

The specially developed approach used in this program powerfully demonstrates how the media works in a crisis. 

A Crisis, the Media and You takes participants through a four-stage approach that’s easy to remember and use in a crisis. Many organisations use my methodology to exercise their crisis communication plans.

The course is essential for anyone who:

* Is part of a crisis management team
* Is likely to be a spokesperson for the business
* Manages the communication process, or
* Just needs to understand the media game. 

A Crisis, the Media and You can be adapted for spokespeople as well as key frontline staff.

Personal Coaching (Senior Executives, up to 6 sessions)

Highly customised for Senior Executives, these individual coaching sessionsplace an intensive focus on your communication style and interview technique. 

Experienced performers often use my personal coaching as a spot workout on handling difficult questions, or as part of the programming for developing a senior spokesperson’s skills.

Packaging Media Messages Training (up to 15 people) 

When the words you say have to get the message across without fail, this workshop takes you through a sure-fire process to come up with the right ones. 

An interactive workshop for up to 15 people, my Media Message Development Training can also be used to road test messages prior to the launch of a major campaign or important company announcement.

Amber Daines

Just In Time Media Coaching 

We all know how the media works – everything is urgent! Just In Time Media Coaching provides a last-minute run-through of your scheduled or anticipated interview. 

This can be done face-to-face or via video conference. 

Hour of Power

The Hour of Power is tailored to your specific circumstances. 
Developed for individuals of all levels, from CEOs and executives through to small business owners, I’ll work one-on-one with you to really refine your business communication prowess and pitch your message to the right audience.
This is a popular choice with experienced speakers who have trained with me before –  we identify any detracting habits or mindset issues before taking your communication to the next level so you can really engage and persuade your next audience.

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