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Amber Daines in a Zoom call
Making your Virtual Performance Mega Memorable

Bringing some Z-z-za-Zoom to your Zoom Room It’s four years since the pandemic first shut down the world as we know it, and in 2024, much has essentially gone back to BAU in how we deliver keynotes, panel presentations, and…

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Elevate view social media icon wifi symbol
Why social media is not everything in PR

Social media has become essential in public relations (PR), but it’s not everything. Here are some reasons why: Limited Reach: While social media platforms have billions of users, they don’t reach everyone. Traditional media like TV, radio, and print still…

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Man reading Book in his hands
Why a book is not a PR tool

Most nonfiction books are expensive business cards. They open doors, and you may sell some for income, but they are not usually about serious income for many new authors. From my self-publishing experience, I know it is an incredible thrill…

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