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Idea to Launch in 4 weeks

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Do you have the seed of a new podcast idea, or have you started and stopped podcasting because it’s been too tricky, too expensive, and far too slow to grow?

My Podcast Course ‘Idea to Launch in 4 weeks’ will solve all this and more!

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Podcast guest
How to be that superstar guest every podcaster loves

Podcasts have been great gateways to reach new audiences. Rather than relying on earned media for PR wins, podcasts have successfully democratised the reach rate of any leader, expert, or opinion maker to get your ideas out to the masses….

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Will ChatGPT take over our PR jobs?

I have waited to write a blog on the ChatGPT chatbot because I am a slow adopter regarding technology, and I can be a skeptic – someone who never rushes to join the shiny new bandwagon when the world is…

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When companies fall victim to greenwashing

Green sheen or greenwashing is something every business must examine closely, especially with regulators like ASIC cracking down on those who overstate their Environmental Social Governance (ESG) credentials. When communicating your ESG messages on your website or in an investor…

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Environmental, social and governance (ESG)
Why 2023 is the year ESG grows up

Over the last year, there were many important developments in environmental, social and governance (ESG), and the impact of these will only continue to influence global trends. What are the most important developments for ESG, and how will these progress?…

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Amber Daines podcasting
Naming rights: Can you use someone else’s podcast name?

While blogs and written posts are still valuable (hey, this is what I am doing here), the growth of podcasts remains the future for anyone serious about online marketing, establishing a brand, or imparting their knowledge. People are increasingly time-poor…

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Amber Daines
Are you a good listener

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”― Dr. SeussWhen I interviewed successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and small business owners for my two books: “Well Said: How to…

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Online Media Training

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss When I interviewed successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and small business owners for my two books: “Well Said:…

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Bespoke Communications Podcast
The Power of a Podcast as a Writer

The rise of the podcast is a sign of the times. We crave bite-sized nuggets of news, storytelling, and dramas, and a 30 to a 60-minute podcast can deliver all of that, with the added convenience of being listened to…

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Amber Daines
How good are you in a crisis?

Every day we see large corporations making headlines for all sorts of crises. And sure, they have large-in-house communications teams, media savvy CEOs, and big budgets to pull in all the resources they need no matter the time of day…

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Idea to Podcast
What is media training, and why do I need it?

Ok, I’m just going to be straight with you: In today’s digital business world, you need media training. Full Stop.Here’s why.Andy Warhol once famously said that we’d all experience 15 minutes of fame one day. And as it turns out,…

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Amber Daines
Does anyone read the newspaper anymore?

Newspapers are not dead. That said, they have certainly had to reshape their business model to survive over the past decade. But we’re living in a digitally obsessed world where news is shared on many platforms and not only from…

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Amber Daines
How to deliver your best ever presentation

You’ve probably heard by now that public speaking is feared by most people. According to the statistics, we’d rather go to the dentist, or walk around in tight shoes with blistered feet.Presenting doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden experience. Here’s…

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The best way to communicate and win clients, every time!

Business leaders can understandably feel totally flummoxed by constant changes that are impacting the way we do business, socialise and work online. Despite the rise of tech and the ability to hold events or speaking engagements virtually, the same tried…

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Amber Daines podcasting
Communicating effectively in a digital world

With the digital revolution in full swing, and even more so since the pandemic hit us, business is facing a time like never before: one of disruption and unprecedented change. The key to navigating this change successfully, according to communications…

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