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Why newsjacking favours the bold

My clients probably hear me in their sleep on this topic! In every PR strategy session, I emphasise the value of newsjacking. What is that, you ask? This is where you, as experts, take advantage of existing news-related events to generate…

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Podcast guest
How to be that superstar guest every podcaster loves

Podcasts have been great gateways to reach new audiences. Rather than relying on earned media for PR wins, podcasts have successfully democratised the reach rate of any leader, expert, or opinion maker to get your ideas out to the masses….

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Will ChatGPT take over our PR jobs?

I have waited to write a blog on the ChatGPT chatbot because I am a slow adopter regarding technology, and I can be a skeptic – someone who never rushes to join the shiny new bandwagon when the world is…

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