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Man reading Book in his hands
Why a book is not a PR tool

Most nonfiction books are expensive business cards. They open doors, and you may sell some for income, but they are not usually about serious income for many new authors. From my self-publishing experience, I know it is an incredible thrill…

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Lead Generation
What PR can’t do for you or your business

With clarity, strategy, and timeliness, PR can achieve many extraordinary things – raising awareness of your services and products or people, refining key ideas or messages, or reassuring your stakeholders what is fact and fiction in a crisis. While public…

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Woman reading magazine
Everything old is new again in media land

With the news that ‘glossy magazine’ ELLE Australia is returning to print runs again, it seems that sometimes big-time business models like fashion seem to go through cycles and return decades on. (I can barely believe my kids in 90s…

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