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Hosted by Amber Daines, The Politics of Everything launched in May 2017 as a weekly podcast series asking newsworthy experts and leaders the tricky questions about the politics of everything that matters to mankind in the 21st century. 

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February 23rd 2021
79: The Politics of Healing - Tracey Gillies
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Tracey Gillies is a specialized Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer, Soul Realignment Practitioner, and Negative entity removal expert. Her profile captured my eye over the summer and I emailed her to find out more about what she does and how.

Tracey says she had developed these very specialized skills during her own life struggles when she was seeking holistic ways to heal herself from a range of conditions including Post-Natal Depression, Epstein Barr, Glandular Fever, Adrenal Fatigue, and anxiety.

It is through her own healing journey and spiritual awakening that she developed a range of skills that enables Tracey to access a person's Physiological, Neurological, and Spiritual frameworks. And through this, she can help a person's mind, body, and soul at the deepest of levels.

Let's delve into The Politics of Healing.


Tracey will explain in this episode:

  1. Healing is such a broad topic but so many people seem to need some form of it - whether it be general health, mental wellbeing, emotional healing, etc. What made you focus on it?
  2. How did you train in the healing space?
  3. What is the best way to start healing from a traumatic experience so it does not define their future?
  4. You have developed an "Emotional Transformation Framework". What is that about, in a nutshell, and how can it help people seeking healing in their everyday lives?
  5. Take away: What is the best way to summarise The Politics of Healing? (one tip or sentence please).

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February 16th 2021
78: The Politics of Museums - Kim McKay
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With a 40-year career in marketing, communications, and NFP work, Kim has just notched up seven years as the Director & CEO, Australian Museum (AM) - one of my favorite public spaces in Australia. Kim is responsible for strategic planning and management of the nation's first museum, including a collection of over 21.9 million natural science and cultural objects and specimens.

As the first woman to hold the role in the AM's 190+ year history, Kim leads the AM's master planning and has initiated a broad transformation program. This includes overseeing Project Discover, the AM's $57.5m major transformation of public spaces.

Kim has had a significant international career focused on the environment, marketing, communications, and non-fiction television and co-founded the iconic Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World campaigns in the 1990s.

Museums are such special places but perhaps in a digitally obsessed society, may not be as frequented as they once were. Or are they?

In this episode you will hear:

  1. How an international PR, marketing, and NFP career led Kim to be appointed the first female Director and CEO of The Australian Museum.
  2. How do modern museums navigate collections and exhibitions to better reflect current views and sentiments such as the First Nations People's experiences of Australia?
  3. Does marketing a Museum differ from other how you would promote other cultural or commercial attraction or form of entertainment?
  4. Take away: What your final thoughts on navigating The Politics of Museums?

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February 9th 2021
77: The Politics of Collaboration - Kylie Green
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      Meet Kylie Green. A marketer, entrepreneur, supporter of women in business, networking
champion, charity worker, and mother of one. She has a 30-year long career in a range of
entrepreneurial, marketing, and senior management roles.

     At 29 years of age, founded Kaleidoscope Marketing and sold it in 2005 to The Photon Group of
Companies where she held the position of CEO until mid-2010. She then founded and ran two
businesses The Oven and Adland Jobs took some time out to start a family, joined the Board of
Directors for Layne Beachley's Aim for the Stars Foundation and worked as an industry mentor
to several industry business owners in BTL marketing, creative services, and PR

   Last year the ever-fearless Kylie has recently launched her fourth business, The Lime Agency
specializing in talent management and brand partnerships. Prior to Lime, Kylie was MD of
Kimberlin Education for 2 years, and spent a year before that in the Comm Bank's Women in
Focus team working with many of Australia's leading female entrepreneurs. She has been an MD
with Dentsu Aegis Network and the ApolloNation activations businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland as well as Synergy Brand Experience in NZ. In 2016, she steered the agencies to
merge and rebrand as MKTG.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How has the marketing world changed in the last 30 years and why is collaboration much more important?  
  2. Do some digital campaigns that arguably work better with one agency vs a team of experts from different businesses?
  3. Is there ever a clear disadvantage to collaboration in business?
  4. Collaborating means working together but is there any proof this makes sense in business where competition can be more of a driver?
  5. Take away: What is your best tip for anyone embracing The Politics of Collaboration?

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