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Global PR trends: powering up with data, embracing staff advocacy and smarter AI

Amber Daines | 11 October, 2023


Having just returned to the office after 12 days in Asia, I had a chance to spend time with family and friends and truly tech off and wind down with no laptop seen by the pool. It was bliss.

However, as most business owners know, clocking off completely is usually not entirely feasible, and we usually have those golden ideas when we are away from our desks! I met a few old colleagues for drinks one night in steamy Singapore, and we pretty quickly started “talking shop” between catching up on the stories of our personal lives and slurps of ramen.

Here are some of the highlights of emerging trends and some ideas on where PR energy shall be spent as we sail into Q4 of 2023. These are worth thinking about in your PR brainstorms and future strategic planning!

Get Data Driven

Data analytics plays an increasingly crucial role in measuring campaign impact. Tracking audience engagement and proving return on investment. We know that authenticated data-driven insights help showcase trends and prove strategic decision-making more than ever. With AI and machine learning technologies being incorporated into BAU PR activities, this is the way forward: targeted audience segmentation, deeper personalisation of messaging and automated content creation with some added human touches will become even more normalised.

Authentic Influencer Partnerships and Employee Advocacy

Collaborations with vetted and brand-aligned influencers who have proven capable of capturing niche audiences will play a significant role in future PR strategies by creating authentic connections with target audiences. Henceforth implementing robust influencer engagement strategies and measurement frameworks is important for successful collaborations.

Equally, employee advocacy will become increasingly important as an effective PR strategy. Encouraging employees to be brand ambassadors and empowering them to share their experiences will enhance authenticity and credibility. Employee advocacy has become stable in PR for brands and businesses that want to create rapport with more people and incite sharper engagement internally and externally. With the rise of social media and the increasing importance of authenticity and transparency, organizations must focus more on developing relationships with their employees and encouraging them to advocate for their brands. PR professionals must develop strategies to engage employees and empower them to share their experiences and opinions with their networks.

Purpose Driven Communication

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ESG will likely become integral to any business’s values. Communicating it effectively will be crucial for successful business operations. Moreover, customer satisfaction would include transparency, authenticity, and commitment to social/environmental concerns. Values-based storytelling is predicted to become part of most public relations efforts allowing them to align stakeholders’ aspirations and values, ultimately building trust and loyalty.

Hyper-Personalisation & Customization

The key to PR landing is always about tailored messaging, with most campaigns catering toward specific target audience segments would be key thus, leveraging data insights to deliver such tailored messages would be an essential part of the future PR efforts. To enhance engagement and forge stronger connections. PR campaigns will now prioritize customized content and experiences. This will include integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create interactive and immersive experiences that captivate audiences and leave them lasting brand interactions.

Integrated PR and Marketing Campaigns

The lines between PR and marketing are blurring more than ever with integrated campaigns that leverage your narrative via insightful news and regularly updated storytelling alongside marketing’s data-driven strategies working together cohesively, a vital part of creating consistent customer experiences.

It is crucial for PR professionals to remain agile and adaptable in this ever-shifting media landscape, as shifts occur so frequently nowadays while also keeping pace with changing consumer expectations. By staying informed about emerging trends while embracing innovation within the industry through anticipating future trends, we at AI can drive impactful results for our clients on behalf of our organizations. Mutual understanding is key to building effective communication and fostering valuable relationships.

Increased focus on authenticity and transparency

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for authenticity and transparency in all business areas, including PR. This trend will likely continue, with consumers and stakeholders expecting greater honesty and openness from organizations. PR professionals will need to develop strategies that prioritise authenticity and transparency, such as creating engaging content that tells a compelling brand story while being honest about the organization’s challenges.

Rise of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become a major part of many PR campaigns, and this trend will likely continue. With the rise of social media platforms and the increasing influence of personalities, influencers are becoming more important for brands looking to reach new audiences. PR professionals must develop strategies to build relationships with influencers and leverage their influence to promote their brand.

Increased importance of crisis management

Organisations can face a crisis anytime in an age of social media and instant communication. In the future, crisis management will become even more important, with organisations needing to be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any negative publicity or crisis. PR professionals must develop strategies that identify potential crisis situations, monitor social media channels, and develop crisis communication plans that can be activated quickly.

More meaningful social media

Social media has become essential to many PR campaigns, and this trend will likely continue. As social media platforms continue to grow and evolve, PR professionals must stay current with the latest trends and developments in how they support and execute social media marketing. This will require a greater emphasis on creating engaging content and building relationships. Less clichés and more intelligent knowledge and imagery are key.

From my cocktail lounge conversations with you, the future of public relations will be frantically evolving and challenging with the pace of new tools and innovations expected to transform how we create campaigns.

This span of tools includes the growing use of AI and data analytics to the increasing importance of authenticity and transparency. PR professionals must adapt to these new trends and stay ahead of the curve. By building relationships with media, ambassadors, influencers, clients, and employees, engaging digital content, and developing effective crisis management strategies, PR professionals can drive your organisation better to communicate with clarity and conviction.

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