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How to be that superstar guest every podcaster loves

Amber Daines | 11 May, 2023

Podcasts have been great gateways to reach new audiences. Rather than relying on earned media for PR wins, podcasts have successfully democratised the reach rate of any leader, expert, or opinion maker to get your ideas out to the masses. In 2023, you can leverage many shows everywhere you tune in.

As a podcast coach and podcaster, I get around 50 pitches monthly to be on my show, The Politics of Everything. Now I only have 46 episodes a year, so that is a lot of “no thanks” emails we get to send, often regrettably.

For those we say yes to, the next thing is to make sure our guests are prepared and can bring the best content to our audience of 25,000 downloads per show on average.

Here I will give you some hints on becoming the ultimate rockstar podcast guest.

These tips mean the host can embrace your ideas, and people listening may want you to be a guest on their podcast.

1. A great podcast guest listens to the show they’re appearing on

It would be best to do this before you’ve pitched yourself because you want to suggest an idea that fits perfectly with the show’s content.

But once you’ve been accepted, you want to listen to the show again, thinking about how to bring the best possible value. Listen to the host’s interview style and take note of the content previous guests have got that you’ve found valuable as a listener.

Also, take note of anything that didn’t work so you can avoid making those mistakes. Things like too many pauses or too many sales spin about, say, your new book or dropping your business name into every second sentence is typical. You want to go into the chat with a clear idea about what the host responds well to and a deeper understanding of how they work with guests so you can provide the most excellent value for them and their audience. 

Often I have two strikes, and your out-rule for any guests who cancel or change our allocated recording time last minute (ok, yes, I know sickness and disasters happen but not often, right?) – my trusty production team and I plan the day you book in. I schedule your show into our season, so when a guest falls away, we can be left with a gap or massive changes to the line-up.

2. A great podcast guest gives a hoot about their audio quality

Of course, if you already have your podcast show or are a regular guest, you should have a decent podcast microphone, but if you want to be a podcast guest, it’s a good idea to buy a mic because you want your audio to sound as good as possible.

That also means you need to think about where you record. No noisy cafes, spaces with echoes or wooden floors, or open offices, please. Your recording space significantly impacts audio quality, so stay out of echoey rooms and away from hard surfaces like floorboards and tiles.

My biggie: if you’re recording via a remote recording platform, shut down all other programs, such as Outlook or LinkedIn Messaging – and your mobile, please. A podcast host will value you sounding like a pro!

3. A great podcast guest waits for the interview files to upload

If you’re recording via a remote recording platform like Zencastr, you’ll sometimes need to keep the session open until the audio uploads to ensure none of the files get lost. If the host doesn’t mention sticking around when they say goodbye, ask if they’d like you to stay on the line until the file uploads. Sometimes they might forget to ask, making you appear like a seasoned superstar podcast guest.

4. A great podcast guest shares the show with their network

After the podcast is finished, email the host or their producer and get them to send you any links or assets to share on social media once the episode goes live.

If they’ve agreed to have you on their show and expose you to their audience, you want to make sure you return the favour by giving them some love on your social platforms and in a timely way.

You might not have an audience as vast, but the last thing you want, as the podcast host, is someone who asks you to be on their show and then doesn’t share it with their audience. I can’t tell you how much that annoys me as my show costs me time and money to produce, and I don’t charge guests to partake. Also, make sure you ask them for all the links so you’re sending people to the right places, and don’t change them!

5. Great podcast guests share the audio love

If the interview goes well and you think they’d have great content to offer your audience, why not ask them to be a guest on your show? Inviting them on your podcast (if they want to do so) is one less episode you need to think about, and it shows you weren’t just there to capitalise on their audience but that you’d like to open them up to yours. You should think of every guest appearance on another podcast as the start of a great relationship, so stay in touch, and even if they don’t want to come on your show, let them know how grateful you were for the opportunity.

It’s simple stuff that makes a difference, my podcasting friends. Want to start your podcast but need some butt-kicking (aka help)? Download my free guide here at or dive into my online podcasting course, Podcast Idea to Launch in 4 Weeks.